OGC APIs, an introduction with GeoServer
2021-09-27, 14:00–18:00, Rigoberta Menchú

This workshop will get your started with OGC APIs, and their implementation in GeoServer, covering services such as OGC API Features, OGC API Styles, OGC API Tiles, OGC API Maps, their extensions, all with practical examples from GeoServer own implementations.

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GeoServer is a web service for publishing your geospatial data using industry standards for vector, raster and mapping. It powers a number of open source projects like GeoNode and geOrchestra and it is widely used throughout the world by organizations to manage and disseminate data at scale.

This workshop will get your started with OGC APIs, and their implementation in GeoServer, covering:

  • An introduction to the common concepts in OGC APIs
  • The landing page of a service
  • The OpenAPI definition of a service
  • OGC API Features, the schemaless, vector data access service
  • OGC API Styles, or how to access styles and eventually apply them client side
  • OGC API Tiles, or how to get tiled data and images
  • OGC API Map, or how to get maps in a given area and projection

GeoSolutions will make available an all-in-one package to run the workshop as a VM for VirtualBox or a self-contained Zip file for Windows. This should be pre-installed on attendees laptops before the workshop.

Authors and Affiliations

Andrea Aime (1)
Alessio Fabiani (1)

(1) GeoSolutions Group (https://www.geosolutionsgroup.com)


2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

Requirements for the Attendees

Basic knowledge of GIS data (e..g, shapefiles, TIFFs). While not required, those that wish to follow hands on will have to install either the zip package on a Windows machine, or the VirtualBox image on their operating system of choice.

Please download in advance the following files, to avoid congesting nightly build server during the workshop:
- https://build.geoserver.org/geoserver/main/geoserver-main-latest-bin.zip
- https://build.geoserver.org/geoserver/main/community-latest/geoserver-2.21-SNAPSHOT-ogcapi-plugin.zip

Also make sure you have a Java 8 or Java 11 installed on your system. For Windows, Linux and OSX you can find binaries here: https://adoptopenjdk.net/releases.html

Mind, the above is necessary only if you plan to work hands-on. You can also just look at the instructor and learn about OGC APIs directly.

Open source enthusiast with strong experience in Java development and GIS. Personal interest range from high performance software, huge data volume management, software testing and quality, spatial data analysis algorithms, map rendering. Full time open source developer on GeoServer and GeoTools.
Received the Sol Katz's OSGeo award in 2017.

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Senior Software Engineer at GeoSolutions S.A.S. (Italy) involved on several Open Source GIS based projects.

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