Setting up a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) with Open Source Software using OSGeoLive
2021-09-27, 14:00–18:00, María Remedios del Valle

This workshop provides a practical, overview of key software used within a Spatial Data Infrastructure SDI.

It will be useful for business people and techies with little or no experience with the range of Open Source Geospatial software, and who would like first hand experience with these tools.

In the workshop we will use OSGeoLive and the Open Source software and sample data shipped with it to get to know the components of an SDI.

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We will get our hands dirty using some of the leading applications, and will introduce the other applications on OSGeoLive and when they are used.

A Spatial Data Infrastructure SDI is a data infrastructure that provides geographic data and metadata, which is accessible for several users and incorporates a variety of tools to accomplish different processes. It helps make data accessible, maintainable and findable throughout your organization. We will start with different types of geographic data and learn about how to store data in a PostgreSQL PostGIS database.

As second step, we will have a look at a service based infrastructure and you will learn about OGC services like OGC Web Map Service and OGC Web Feature Service.

You will learn how to create these services with software like QGIS Server, MapServer or GeoServer. We will practice with QGIS server. A client is needed to view and analyse data from services. We will learn about Desktop GIS and WebGIS and load Services in QGIS and publish data to the web using OpenLayers, GeoNode and Mapbender.

We will learn about metadata and how to make data traceable in a metadata system like GeoNetwork or pycsw. We will practice with pycsw and GeoNode. And you will learn how you can control the access to your data and setup a user management.

After the journey through all the components you will be familiar with the concept and the advantages of a Spatial Data Infrastructure, and will know where to look for deeper insights into the more powerful features of the various tools.

Authors and Affiliations

Tzotsos, Angelos (1)
Enock, Seth (1)
Nicolas Roelandt (1)
Emde, Astrid (1)

(1) Open Source Geospatial Foundation


2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

Requirements for the Attendees

Great! You will visit our workshop at FOSS4G 2021. We will work with OSGeoLive 14 "Malena".

OSGeoLive 14 has to be provided locally.

Please create a virtual machine (preferred) or bootable USB flash drive running with OSGeoLive 14. OSGeoLive provides all the software and data that is needed for the workshop.

Download OSGeoLive:

You find a tutorial about how to create the virtual machine at:

You find a tutorial about how to create the bootable USB flash drive at:

Astrid Emde is an active member of OSGeo and a Charter Member since 2010. In 2017 she was elected to the OSGeo Board of Directors and as OSGeo Secretary. She recieved the Sol Katz Award in 2018 at FOSS4G 2018 in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).

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Enock Seth Nyamador is an advocate for Free/Libre and Open Source Solutions and Communites of Practice. He is always looking forward to learning, meeting and sharing.