ZOO-Project Introduction Workshop
2021-09-28, 09:00–13:00, María Remedios del Valle

The ZOO-Project is an open source software which provides a WPS (Web Processing Service) compliant and developer-friendly framework to easily create and chain OGC Webservices. The ZOO-Project is made of four parts. ZOO-Kernel is a powerful server-side C Kernel which makes possible to manage and chain Web services coded in different programming languages. ZOO-Services is a growing suite of example Web services based on various Open Source libraries. ZOO-API is a server-side JavaScript API able to call and chain the ZOO Services, which makes the development and chaining processes easier, and ZOO-Client is a JavaScript library to interact with WPS servers from your web applications.
The OGC API - Processes will also be highlighted during the workshop including its benefits and potential part that would benefit to be enhanced.

The ZOO-Project will first be presented, along with few details on using the WPS (1.0.0 and 2.0.0) and also the OGC API - Processes (previous and current version). The participants will first learn how to setup the ZOO Kernel and to get a WPS server running in a few simple steps. Some basic services will be presented to the attendees to give them the capability to reuse them later in their own application. Then, they will learn how to develop simple WPS service using the Python language, trough simple programing exercises. A ready to use client will be used to interact with the available WPS Services and the one to be developed. Participants will finally learn how to chain the different available WPS Services using the server-side Javascript ZOO-API. The final client application, based on ZOO-Client, will provide a user interface to first search and display of shortest path, then display the corresponding profile.

Authors and Affiliations

Venkatesh Raghavan Osaka City University
Nicolas Bozon MapTiler
Rajat Schinde Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


1 - Principiants. No required specific knowledge is needed.

Requirements for the Attendees

The user should get access during the workshop to a computer where Docker is available and the user get the privileges to use it to install and run containers.

Gérald is the GeoLabs' CEO since 2006 and is involved in ZOO-Project, MapMint and MapMint4ME project.

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