Hamish Campbell

Hamish is a software product manager with a background in civil engineering consultancy. He cares about open data and building great software that is good for society and the planet.

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Real Spatial Data Versioning & Collaboration with Kart
Robert Coup, Hamish Campbell

Kart (https://www.kartproject.org — formerly Sno) is a powerful new open-source and cross-platform version control system for geospatial vector and table data. Designed to enable collaboration and cross-vendor workflows, Kart is built on the power of Git. Working copies are common GIS files and spatial databases, so you can edit data directly in GIS software without plugins.

The workshop will introduce Kart and walk through installing; creating new repositories by importing open data sets; editing and committing data changes; reviewing history; cloning & pushing datasets; using and understanding different working copy formats; exporting repository data; managing metadata, licenses, and file attachments; performing branching and merging; and collaborating with other users.

To participate, no experience with Kart, Git or other version control systems is required, but a basic knowledge of GIS concepts and data formats is recommended. A Windows, macOS, or Linux computer that has QGIS installed and can install Kart is required.

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